Best Fez Guided Walking Tour

Brief of Fes medina tourist circuits :

Fez Medina, the ancient city center of Fez, Morocco, is a labyrinthine maze of narrow alleys and bustling souks. A walking tour with a knowledgeable guide is the best way to explore this fascinating area and learn about its rich history and culture.

Here are some things to do with a guide on a walking tour of Fez Medina:

  1. Visit the tanneries – The leather tanneries of Fez are a must-see for any visitor. A guide can take you to one of the several viewing terraces where you can see the tanneries in action and learn about the traditional methods of leather production.

  2. Explore the souks – The souks of Fez are famous for their bustling atmosphere and colorful displays of goods. With a guide, you can navigate the narrow streets and alleys, learn how to haggle with the vendors, and discover unique items such as traditional Moroccan pottery and textiles.

  3. Visit historical sites – Fez is home to numerous historical sites, including mosques, madrasas, and palaces. A guide can take you to some of the most impressive sites, such as the Bou Inania Madrasa or the Dar Batha Museum, and provide historical and cultural context for each site.

  4. Try the local cuisine – Fez is known for its delicious cuisine, including tagine and pastilla. A guide can take you to some of the best local restaurants and street food stalls and introduce you to traditional Moroccan dishes and flavors.

  5. Learn about the local culture – Fez has a rich cultural heritage, including music, art, and architecture. With a guide, you can learn about the city’s unique cultural traditions and discover hidden gems that you might not have found on your own.

  6. Discover the hidden corners of the medina – Fez Medina is a labyrinthine maze of narrow alleys and hidden courtyards. With a guide, you can explore some of the lesser-known corners of the medina and discover hidden gems such as artisan workshops and rooftop terraces with stunning views of the city.

A walking tour with a guide is an excellent way to experience the rich history, culture, and cuisine of Fez Medina. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, a guide can provide valuable insights and context that will enhance your experience of this fascinating area. So don’t hesitate to book a tour and discover the magic of Fez Medina with a knowledgeable guide

Includes :

_ professional guide

_ English / Spanish-speaking guide

_ hotel/riad pick-up and drop of

not include

_food drinks

_entrance fees

know before you go ;

Tours usually begin at 09:00 AM, although It’s possible to start later in the morning or in the afternoon Feel free if you have any questions you can reach us via our contact page we are here for you 🙂