5 Days of Moroccan northern tour from Tangier

In this Moroccan northern tour From Tangier you will explor Tangier Tetouan, Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen, you will also discover the Moroccan culture and the beautifuls north Morocco Towns, the northern morocco trip continue to Fes.

Tangier City Morocco

Chefchaouen City Morocco

Rif Mountains Morocco

Day 1:


The first day in Moroccan northern tour we arrive to Tangier either by boat or plane and travel to the hotel in Tangiers. Tangier is an ancient port soaked in history as it is used to protect the entrance to the Mediterranean. It has a very busy Medina and the new city. And the historical status of this port is clear.

Day 2:

Cap Spartel

This morning we preferred to have our breakfast before starts discovering Tangiers. And in the afternoon the destination is  just west of Tangier to Cap Spartel through the Montagne, we stopped for a while in order to see the interesting places. Here it is possible to see eagles and migratory birds to address, through Spain or return for the winter. After that we the Grottes d’ Hercule just 5km to the south of Faro Cap Spartel. According to the legend Hercules rested in the caves after having dug straight lines between Europe and Africa.

Day 3:


Today we are leaving to Tangier after having a delicious breakfast, and go a head west along the coast and mountain road toward Ceuta (Ceuta for locals). There are a nice views of the sea and it is possible to climb Jebel Musa, facing the Rock of Gibraltar (Jebel Tarik) and take some pictures there before having lunch in Tetouan, we enjoy breathtaking views while lunch then continue the tour along the coast, passing by the small fishing port of Cabo Negro and then head toward the mountains to Chefchaouen. This city, founded in 1471, was very isolated until the early twentieth century. High in the mountains of the Rif, Chefchaouen is painted in shades of blue, we feel no sense of direction and time for a while, precious legacy of the Jewish population that lived there. It is an incredible ancient city.

Day 4:


Today we have some public Moroccan breakfast and enjoy the leisure in Chefchaouen, an anchor of peace and stillness. drives to discover and explore the medina of Chefchaouen, the woven silk and wool quarter, the main square with its cafes, and the souks, we could not leave the place for its charm. Perhaps the barter by a kilim in the market, where you can get some good deals.

Day 5:

The Rif Mountains

Today we travel through the Rif mountains to Fes including many stops for lunch, take photos, buy souvenirs …. etc. The Rif Mountains are still relatively undiscovered by visitors, since they are very remote and in the other hand because the Hashish grown in fields in the hidden valleys. However, with our guide and driver, we are be able to relax and enjoy of the virgins of Morocco.

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