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Camel Trekking At Night

Camel Trekking in The Desert

You are summoned to explore how to live the joyful moments of Camel trekking Desert Excursions. It is an activity of our culture and also of our origins because we used to have no cars before, so that you need to use camels to travel for shopping, instead.

Camel trekking Desert Excursions  is your true ticket towards an exceptionally authentic experience of Morocco. Your travel dreams are coming true today. We offer Desert tours around Morocco country that display the best things and nature of our beloved country.  We do our best to make your trip a unique experience, and to ensure that your journey is to be one that you will keep ever after. We are inviting you to initially explore the fascinating landscapes of Morocco, a land of dramatic contrasts, legends and romance. Our desert/Sahara tours will take you to the heart of Morocco to enjoy an exotic adventure for once in life. Our Morocco Everywhere Travel tours enterprise is everywhere you wish to travel to. It offers you an experience of a lifetime, sleeping under the stars and witnessing the sunset and sunrise from the top of a giant sand dune in Merzouga. El Trekking in Merzouga offers different range of tours and can tailor and plan one especially for you suiting your interests and your budget. The Overnight Merzouga Camel Trek is one of the most popular camel treks in Morocco instructions include: You can ride a camel in Merzouga Camp  as you trek over Morocco’s Erg Chebbi Dunes. You can play drums around the campfire after feasting on a traditional Moroccan meal. You are allowed to sleep under the stars and watch the sunset and sunrise over the dunes of the Sahara Desert. You can experience the lifestyle of desert nomads as you sip tea and share meals with Berbers. A note is worthy of mentioning. It is that each camel trek proffers traditional Moroccan music and drumming, excellent food, and the opportunity to sleep in the desert under one of the darkest night skies in the world. Some highlights of Morocco Desert Tours and Sahara Excursions are interesting! They are overnight Merzouga Camel Treks with”Morocco great tours “to sleep at nomad-tented camp in the deep desert in which dinner is served under the stars.

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